Employment & Workplace Lawyers

Whether you are an employer facing a potential claim or an employee facing adverse actions, we're your essential ally in navigating the legal process and the Fair Work Commission.

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In an ideal world, workplace issues would be non-existent. But in reality, disputes often arise, blurring boundaries and causing distress. Your unique workplace situation deserves personalised attention and that's exactly what you'll find at State Law Group.


Stand up for your rights

Workplace issues can vary widely, but some are notoriously common and particularly damaging. These situations not only undermine professional growth but also mental health, emphasising the need for expert legal intervention. Let us empower you with the legal services you need to stand strong in your professional life.

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Have you been dismissed without a valid reason or through an unjust process? We'll help you challenge the decision, and file an unfair dismissal application to claim compensation or restore your position.

Unlawful Termination

Does the termination of employment violates legal guidelines? We'll support you in fighting against dismissals that breach employment laws, ensuring that your rights are protected and upheld.

Sham Contracting

Has your employment been misrepresented as a contractual arrangement to deny your employee benefits? We'll help you uncover the truth and obtain the benefits and legal protections you're entitled to.

Workplace Discrimination

Have you been treated unfairly based on characteristics like race, gender, age, or disability? We'll advocate for your rights to ensure you receive the respect and justice you deserve.

Workplace Harassment

Are you enduring offensive, humiliating, or intimidating behaviour at work, including sexual harassment and workplace bullying? We'll protect your rights to a workplace free from intimidation and hostility.

Workplace Disputes

Are you navigating workplace disputes such as unpaid wages? We'll help you navigate conflict with confidence, striving for outcomes that respect your interests and restore workplace harmony.


Protect your business and team

Discover peace of mind with State Law Group, where our employer lawyers excel in protecting your business and fostering a compliant, harmonious workplace. We're your partners in navigating employment law and providing strategic advice, dedicated to empowering you with the confidence to lead and grow your business successfully.

Tailored Employment Contracts

Secure your company's core assets with custom contracts, designed to foster loyalty and protect your interests with clarity and precision.

Inclusive Workplace Policies

Build a thriving work environment with policies that not only comply with laws but also promote respect and diversity, enhancing your brand's integrity.

Proactive Compliance Reviews

Stay ahead of the game with regular checks that ensure your business practices are impeccable, keeping your operations seamless and your team confident.

Legal Training

Arm your staff with the knowledge to navigate legal intricacies with ease, safeguarding your business's reputation and their own peace of mind.

Strategic Employee Relations

Navigate labor negotiations with finesse, securing agreements that benefit all and sustain your business's harmony and productivity.

Expert Dispute Resolution

Resolve conflicts with expert mediation, preserving valuable relationships and your company's focus on growth and innovation.

Independent contractors

Safeguard your interests

As an independent contractor, you might find the line between being an employee and a contractor blurred, leading to potential legal vulnerabilities. Whether you’re negotiating an employment contract or disputing your employment status, our employment lawyers are here to provide clear, authoritative guidance.

Craft & Secure Your Contracts

Protect your interests and secure your hard-earned income with meticulously fair and legally robust contracts.

Negotiate with Confidence

Gain the upper hand in negotiations with our expert representation, ensuring you receive terms that honour your value and effort.

Resolve Disputes Swiftly

Save time and avoid stress with our efficient dispute resolution services, keeping your focus on your work rather than on conflicts.

Protect Your Innovations

Keep your creative works and ideas safe under your control with our intellectual property rights protection.

Navigate Compliance with Ease

Stay ahead of industry regulations with our expert compliance advice, reducing your risk of legal complications and fines.

Ensure Your Career's Longevity

Protect your professional endeavours with strategic insurance and liability guidance, offering you peace of mind.

Why state law group?

The law firm that's committed to you

No matter what employment issues and legal problems you face, you want a leading employment law firm who can provide expert legal advice and legal representation to achieve successful outcomes.

Specialised expertise

Leave your case in the hands of our experienced workplace lawyers with deep-rooted expertise in employment law.

7 languages supported

Understand your legal journey in English, Assyrian, Arabic, Chaldean, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Filipino.

Personal touch

Our commitment and client-first approach, ensures that we provide tailored solutions to protect your rights.

Meet our team

Sydney's trusted employment lawyers

Meet us at one of our offices in Sydney, Liverpool, Cabramatta, or Parramatta. Our employment law team are not just experts in workplace law; they are dedicated to your case and armed with the resources to win.

How it works

Navigating employment law matters

Employment law matters can seem complex and daunting. That's why we're here to simplify each step for you, from start to finish.

Initial consultation


At your initial consultation, we listen—to your story, your concerns, and your goals. This is where we provide a clear assessment of your situation, explain your legal rights, and outline potential strategies.

Understanding costs


Understand the legal fees and any additional costs upfront so that you can budget and avoid surprises later on. We offer various billing arrangements which can be tailored to your needs.

Tailored legal strategies


Our employment lawyers leverage their extensive knowledge of Australian employment law to devise the most effective path forward, ensuring every strategy reflects the best possible outcome for you.

Expert legal representation


Our employment law team fight to protect your rights at every turn. We handle all legal filings, communications, and negotiations, reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on your life and work without legal distractions.

Results & compliance


As expert employment lawyers, we strive for outcomes that not only resolve the immediate issue but also prevent future legal challenges. Move forward confidently with practical employment law advice.

Beyond compensation: Restoring your rights

Your success is our success. And success means not just monetary gains but also restoring your workplace rights and achieving peace of mind. Your fight becomes our fight, and together, we strive to secure your professional reputation and your peace of mind.

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Stress & health: The unseen costs

Ignoring legal issues doesn’t make them disappear. Instead, it can exacerbate your problems, leading to unseen costs that extend beyond finances. Without legal advice, you risk missing out on compensation, prolonging workplace suffering, and experiencing ongoing stress and uncertainty that can affect every part of your life.

Your rights, our fight

Don’t wait for workplace issues to resolve themselves. With State Law Group, you're not just hiring a lawyer; you're gaining a law firm partner committed to achieving the best outcome for you.

Contact us today to book a consultation for expert legal advice, and let's start building a strategy that works for you. Together, we can ensure that your employment relationships are rewarding, fair, and legally sound.

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