Not Guilty & AHPRA license reinstated for suspended Health Practitioner

Our client was arrested and charged for a road range incident that costed him his job. Here's how we helped.

Not Guilty & AHPRA license reinstated for suspended Health Practitioner
  • Date of incident

    Date of Charge

    May 2022
  • Date of settlement

    Date of Sentence/hearing

    February 2023
  • Outcome

    Not Guilty & professional AHPRA license reinstated

During an evening drive to the city, it was alleged that our client was involved in a road range incident.

As a result, he was charged with:

  1. Stalk & Intimidate
  2. Common Assault, and;
  3. Intentionally or Recklessly Damage Property

Our client was a Health Practitioner whose AHPRA registration was suspended awaiting the judgement of these matters. After reviewing all the evidence, including statements and CCTV, it could be seen that the police did not acquire further witness statements and rather dismissed any claims that supported our client.

A plea of Not Guilty was entered on all sequences.

During the Hearing, the testimony from the alleged victim was seen to be false and the Police evidence could not be said to have proven our client’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Accordingly, our client was acquitted of all charges and his licence was reinstated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.