John Ho


John is a skilled lawyer admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Holding a distinguished academic background, John earned a double degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Law alongside a Bachelor of Economics.

With extensive experience accumulated over the course of his legal career, John has expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of litigation. His knowledge spans a broad spectrum of legal contexts, encompassing both civil and commercial matters. His profound familiarity with various judicial jurisdictions within New South Wales is exemplified by his appearances before the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court of NSW, and the Federal Court of Australia.

John is deeply immersed within our firm's criminal defence, litigation, and personal injury practice areas. No matter the complexity of a case, John embraces the challenge and tackles it with unwavering commitment. What truly sets John apart is his commitment to transparency and pragmatism. He approaches every case with a meticulous process, first gaining a positive rapport with all his clients and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the legal nuances before devising a strategic approach.

Beyond his legal prowess, John's interests and passions paint a more holistic picture of his persona. When not engaged in legal advocacy, John dedicates his weekends to tutoring young minds, aiding them in their preparations for the Selective Tests. John also places significant emphasis on physical activity. His time is balanced between weightlifting sessions at the gym and honing his skills in disciplines such as Muay Thai, Boxing, and Vovinam.