Bahaa Al-Kasem

Law Clerk

Bahaa is an astute and dedicated Law Clerk at State Law Group, bringing a blend of passion and precision to the legal arena. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business and law from the esteemed University of Technology Sydney, he seamlessly integrates academic insights with practical legal applications.

With hands-on experience in diverse legal sectors, Bahaa has honed his expertise in Compulsory Third Party (Motor Vehicle Accident) claims, Worker's Compensation, Criminal Law, and Civil Litigation. His versatility in these areas showcases his adaptability and commitment to understanding the multifaceted nature of the law.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, Bahaa embodies a relentless commitment to legal excellence. His approach is characterized by a unique blend of efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that every task he undertakes is executed precisely.

At the heart of Bahaa's professional journey is his unwavering objective to expand his legal horizons. By continuously refining his legal acumen, he aspires to be an invaluable asset to State Law Group. His dedication goes beyond personal growth; he is deeply committed to collaborating with his peers, ensuring that the firm delivers unparalleled, efficient, and compassionate service to every client it represents.