Andrew Peck


Andrew Peck is a seasoned legal professional with a robust background in personal injury law. He earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from the esteemed University of Technology Sydney, where he honed his understanding of legal principles and cultivated essential skills vital for success in the legal arena.

Since commencing his career in 2019, Andrew has garnered extensive experience in personal injury law, having worked with one of Australia's top 10 largest personal injury law firms. Throughout his career journey, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to championing the rights of injured individuals and guiding them through intricate legal procedures to secure rightful compensation.

Andrew's proficiency encompasses various personal injury claims, including CTP (Compulsory Third Party), Workers Compensation, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Public Liability, Medical Negligence Claims, and Historical Abuse Claims. He possesses an in-depth comprehension of the legislative landscape governing these domains and stays abreast of any regulatory changes that may impact his clients.

As a lawyer, Andrew brings meticulous attention to detail, robust analytical prowess, and a compassionate ethos in his practice. He empathizes with the challenges faced by individuals embroiled in personal injury cases and endeavours to offer tailored legal counsel and unwavering support at every juncture.

Andrew is esteemed for his professionalism, integrity, and unwavering commitment to securing optimal outcomes for his clientele. Whether adeptly negotiating settlements or fervently representing clients in court, he consistently exceeds expectations to safeguard his clients' rights and advance their interests.

Beyond his professional purview, Andrew is deeply engaged in community service and is fervently dedicated to giving back. He generously volunteers his time to various charitable organisations and pro bono legal clinics, leveraging his expertise to assist those in need.

Andrew Peck stands as a cornerstone of our team, his invaluable contributions consistently positively impacting our clients' lives. With unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication, he upholds the pinnacle of legal excellence and serves as a stalwart advocate for justice in personal injury matters.

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